Ars Nomadis is a France based production and consulting agency dedicated to culture, technology and new artistic and citizen practices.

We are particularly interested in public space, mobility and nomadic art projects also using the potential of digital media technologies. Our activities cover consulting, artistic production, and research. European and International cooperation is transversal to all these activities.

In the frame of its consulting activity, Ars Nomadis advises cultural organisations in their development, strategy and management. We have assisted more than 80 organisations in France since 2008, such as festivals, live art companies, art and cultural centers, production agencies, libraries, etc.. We also completed studies for public authorities (French Ministry of Culture, Région Ile-de-France, etc.). At the international level, we have made a study for the European Commission about the new opportunities provided by new technologies to cultural institutions. We are also commissioned by a swiss foundation to coach artistic organisations in Morocco.

Besides its consultancy and expertise activities, Ars Nomadis develops and creates its own artistic projects, especially in the public space. These artistic projects are imagined as « meeting processes » connecting many artists, in all artistic fields. Each project is a site specific experimentation involving local partners and inhabitants. We also develop international artistic cooperation projects, like in Morocco where we have been collaborated with a street theatre company since 2009, the Théâtre Nomade of Mohammed El Hassouni. In Rabat and Casablanca we created several artistic exchanges with European partners, and we also created a mobile library in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Culture.

Ars Nomadis has also a research activity in partnership with universities. Our main theme of research is art, public space and smart city. We participated in different seminars and international symposium, and we are now involved in the implementation of a European master dedicated to « art and public space » with the French University of Rennes 2.



Antoine Beaufort – Director –

Margaux Lefeuvre – Administration officer –

Noémie Chevrel – Communication officer –


Ars Nomadis is supported by deploY, an international development program by Spectacle vivant en Bretagne